iOS 15: Expectations, Release Date, and Everything You Need to Know!

Apple is promising to have a new operating system. What are we expecting to have? Why is everyone talking about it already? Continue reading this article to learn more.

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In June 2021, Apple introduced the latest iOS operating system, iOS 15, which will be released in September. This new operating system will introduce new features like FaceTime calls, reducing distraction tools, new notifications, more privacy features, completely new designs for Safari, Maps, Weather, and so much more!

Notifications are designed for iOS 15, where the contact pictures are added for people and bigger icons for applications. In order to reduce distractions, a summary for notifications is collected together with appropriate times and arranges the notifications by priority. This new feature called “Focus” can filter notifications and applications based on what the users wish to focus on at a certain time. iOS will also provide the Focus feature for all kinds of occasions such as work hours, bedtime, on-device intelligence, but users can still create custom Focus.

Safari is featuring a completely new design, where the controls will be easier to reach with one hand giving more focus on the webpage’s content. This new tab bar will float at the bottom of the screen allowing users to easily swipe between the tabs. Therefore, tab groups will allow users to save tabs and access them at any time across all the devices. A customizable start page and web extensions will also be available for the first time.

Maps will offer a new 3D views in cities with enhanced details, where the buildings, crosswalks, bike lanes, and more are visible. A new city driving experience will be added as road details and improved transit features, like pinned favorite lines, AR walking directions, and notifications to disembark.

Voice isolation will be available on iOS 15 to FaceTime calls, specifying if the noise is coming from where the person is located on the screen. FaceTime will also be supporting Portrait mode, offering a new grid view to view more faces at the same time. Users will also be able to share media together in sync during a FaceTime call and generate shareable links to schedule FaceTime calls, which can also be opened on Android and Windows devices.

The Wallet will support new key features in iOS 15, like homes, hotel rooms, and offices. Later, customers who are participating in the US will be able to add a driver’s license to this application.

Photos are featuring a significant update to Memories with a new design and interactive interface. These now support integration with Apple Music, using on-device intelligence to offer song suggestions for memories.

Live Text is a new feature that will use on-device intelligence to recognize text in a photo that users can search for, highlight and copy. The spotlight can also search for pictures by location, people, scenes, text, and objects. It also offers web images with more successful results.

New Privacy Measures like processing Siri requests directly on the iPhone, which provides added benefits for better responsiveness. The primary privacy protection also stops senders from knowing if an email has been opened and knowing a recipient’s IP address. An Application Privacy Report views to show how often the applications request permissions to be granted.

There are many other changes for other applications, such as user-created mentions, tags, and Activity View in the Notes application, Trends, Walking Steadiness, and a new sharing tab in the Health application with a feature for highlighting content that is shared in message conversations and a new For All of You feature that recommends entertainment for the household.

iOS 15 will be compatible with the iPhone 6s, and later, this means all the devices that run iOS 14 will have an update this September.

Messages, the content sent to you in messages will automatically appear in a new ‘Shared with you’ section in the corresponding application. This is featured in Photos, Safari, Apple News, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV. Users will be able to pin unique content shared with them to be elevated in the Shared with You section. Also, photos will be sent in Messages and will appear in a glanceable collage or swipeable stack, depending on how much content was sent.

Notes in iOS 15 will feature user-created tags to sort and categorize messages in new ways. There will be a Tag Browser to tap on combinations of markers and quickly view them. For shared notes, it will be possible to notify other users about new updates and the all-new activity view, which shows the recent edit history.

Siri requests are processed on devices using the Neural Engine, which increases security and boosts responsiveness without an internet connection. Siri will share onscreen items like photos, web pages, content from Apple music or Podcasts, Apple News, Maps, and more. Siri will also be better at maintaining context between requests to refer to what was already asked.

New Widgets:

  • Find My widget
  • Contacts widget
  • Game Center widgets
  • App Store widget
  • Sleep widget
  • Mail widget
  • Default widgets
  • Intelligent widget suggestions


  • iOS 15 will be featuring nine new Memoji stickers allowing the user to send a shake, hand wave, lightbulb moment, and many more!
  • Over 40 new outfit clothes choices will be available with more color combinations, including hardware.
  • Memoji will also support a different color for the left eye and the right eye.
  • New glasses options.
  • New accessibility options such as oxygen tubes, soft helmets will represent Memoji options.

In conclusion, this article only focused on the significant features of iOS 15. This new system upgrade will carry many more features mentioned in the following articles — looking forward to this upgrade!

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